Castle Draculo


Draculo's Show!!

Welcome to my show!! This page keeps track of games I'm playing and will play and has whatever the hell else I want related to this thing!! See below for an embed of my stream as well as some ways to get notified when I'm on air.

Click here to get to my Youtube channel, where I stream live and archive all my previous shows. If you wanna get updates and live notifications when I go online, you'll need to subscribe.


Here's an unorganized list of just some of the games I want to stream!! If I missed anything or you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Currently playing:

Coming Up:


Played but Incomplete:


Some of Draculo's favorite music from games and other artists plays during the stream's intro and intermission titles!! Here's a list of all the games and artists that I play. When it's on, the music is constantly playing in the background and turned down completely until I go on an intermission. Feel free to request some other artists!!

Music List