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About This Website

Why did I make this site?

Because in spite of a gnawing desire to maintain some kind of social presence online, none of the existing vacuum-packed options ever worked for me. It didn't feel right when I had a Myspace account, nor did it feel any better with Fuckbook or Twatter. For whatever reason, Social media and I mix like toasters and bathtubs.

Before today's social media existed, people would just take a little while to learn and build their own place on the web. I want to help bring back that old way, and there's never been a better time to do it!!

Don't give control to large corporations and soulless, robotic CEOs! Why not learn to make your own home on the web? The Learn HTML button below will get you started pretty quickly. It's easy and lots of fun!!

About Me

I'm a transcriptionist living in Washington State in the greater Seattle area interested in stenography, Linux, retro games, and very recently permaculture/gardening. I have a makeshift home studio with old TV equipment once used in schools, churches, and public access TV, with around 10 game consoles hooked up to switching systems.

I'm also interested in old, nifty ways of doing things. I tend to use older computer hardware these days because it still works well, and I also enjoy learning about old and even ancient techniques for dealing with problems and day to day life. In a way, this is what got me into Linux and Stenography among other things.

I prefer free and open source software, and I also cheer on all those cyberpunks who fight against injustice and corruption every day of their lives by cracking and pirating software and media, thereby liberating and preserving it.

Make sure to check out my stream on Youtube, and check back often as I update and edit my site!!