Castle Draculo

Nvidia, Fuck You !!

What about this "Linux"??

About my Linux use

I use Linux to do everything you see here, including my stream and making this website. I am not a programmer, nor do I know how to script at all (yet). I started using Linux in January 2017 after becoming fed up with Windows 10's forced updates and privacy violations.

Below I'll talk about some things that I do with my system that might be unique or useful to others, some things that I wish to do in the future, and anything else that relates to Linux use that I feel like writing about.

My Systems

I currently have a desktop computer built sometime in 2012 with a bunch of hard drives in it, 24 gb of RAM, an I5-3570k, and a GTX 670. It's old, but it still works just as well as it did back when I built it. It started with 16 gb of RAM, but I was given two extra sticks. I also have a Thinkpad T440.

Other than that, I have a tiny little Dell server and a Wyse thinclient that I use to play music on the stream.

My desktop and laptop run Arch while the other two run Debian or something.

Software I Use

URxvt, switching to st at some point.
Music Player
cmus for now, mpd with ncmpcpp maybe one day
Web Browser
Qutebrowser. Keyboard-driven but a bit slow. Adblock is lacking, but that might be remedied with a hosts file or just not browsing so much. I want to try suckless' surf sometime, but it would require some scripting skills I don't have right now.
Mutt, but still getting used to it.
Text Editor
Vim. The reasons are pretty obvious if you know what it is.
mpv. Nothing else matches in my experience, though I haven't been bothered to figure out more visual/better playlist management.
Plover. Nothing else exists and it works really well.
Taskwarrior. But I've mostly just been using a pocket notebook for that and more recently. It's still useful for some things though.
Notes and Memos
Vimwiki. Integrates nicely with vim and allows you to make an almost org-mode style wiki with a diary feature, which I use the most for computer-related notes.
RSS Reader
Newsboat, which used to be Newsbeuter.

More Coming Soon !!