Beginning the Blog Dump


Welcome back to Draculo's Castle!! If you're reading this, that means that this site has gotten some attention for the first time in many months. Frequent updates are the lifeblood of any website, so I've decided to reinvigorate what was originally my one shot at creating a little space for myself on the web by turning it into a real brain dump.

In practice, this site was never meant to be much more than a silly front for my writings. This is where most of them will go, with a few of the more lengthy showcases going into the Projects section. Should things ever become more popular due to my streams (whenever they return) or any other public efforts I make, I'll add some donation links for those who want to tip me in support of my efforts. You'll also find an RSS link in some corner somewhere, probably spinning around or otherwise animated. Be sure to subscribe if you want to get all the cool updates!!

I'll be back soon with more!!